Eyebrow droop due to aging causes a tired, unhappy, and aged appearance. Some patients may want to solve this problem with the help of surgical interventions. However, some are in search of a practical solution without the need for surgery. Here come the botox or thread brow lift methods for rescue.


What Is Brow Lift with Botox?

Small touches can make a huge difference in your face. In a brow lift process, Botulinum toxin is injected into the points determined by the doctor with the help of fine-tipped needles, which will allow the eyebrow to stay raised normally. It raises eyebrows by arching them. It is applied in small doses without causing any mimic or expression loss. Thus, a very natural appearance emerges.


What Are the Stages of the Brow Lift with Botox?

Everyone’s face and eyebrow structure is unique. The important thing is not to stretch the eyebrow in the best way; It is to design it to fit the person’s face in the best way and to look natural. For this reason, the eyebrow design that will best fit the person’s facial features is determined first. Our doctor, using golden ratio calculations, aims to give a very healthy appearance by calculating the points where the eyebrow will rise.

Botulinum toxin is applied in small doses to the determined points. It is very important to apply the dose in the right amount so that the person does not have a dull and expressionless appearance.

The process takes approximately 10-15 minutes. After the eyebrow lift procedure with Botox, no scar will be left. The result of the procedure can be seen clearly within 1-2 days.


What Are the Benefits of Brow Lift with Botox?

  • No scar is left.
  • It has a painless procedure.
  • Does not cause loss of mimic or expression.
  • It gives a natural eyebrow look.
  • Processing time is 10-15 minutes.


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What Is Brow Lift with Thread?

In the brow lifting method, the “lift” effect is created by using the thread lift method. The eyebrows are made to look more tense and healthy by using special threads. It is applied in just 30-35 minutes without the need for surgery.


How Does Brow Lift with Thread Work?

Local anesthesia is applied before the brow lift procedure, so the patient does not feel pain and hurt during the procedure. Special surgical threads are placed on sagging areas that have lost their flexibility. The eyebrows are raised by hanging the spindles on the skull.


Are Threads Used in Brow Lift Harmful to the Body?

On the contrary, it has some benefits for the skin. The threads used in the brow lift process dissolve under the skin over time. It supports collagen production in the area where it is placed while dissolving. In this way, the skin gets a younger and tighter appearance.


What Are the Benefits of Brow Lift Using Thread?

  • There is no permanent scar after the procedure.
  • Deep incisions are not required.
  • It does not cause loss of feeling and expression.
  • It also prevents the problem of droopy eyelids.
  • You can return to daily life immediately after the procedure.


How Much Does Brow Lift Cost?

Brow lifts can be done by two techniques, Botox and Thread lift. Additionally, everyone has unique facial needs and situations, so giving a general price for a brow lift won’t be possible. A consultation with an experienced doctor would be necessary to have your process planned and the cost calculated. You just need to contact our specialists to get a consultation session right now!


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