Each of us has a unique dream about our hairstyle. Some want to prevent severe hair loss, some want to change their hairstyle, others are dealing with hair density, and some just want to make sure they wonÔÇÖt lose their healthy hair.

One special solution that fits everyone is mesotherapy hair treatment! Hair mesotherapy can help you boost your hairstyle and your hairÔÇÖs appearance with brighter and strong hair.


What Is Hair Mesotherapy Treatment?

Hair Mesotherapy Treatment is the process of injecting a complex serum containing vitamins, minerals, and substances useful for hair into the scalp. Thus, hair follicles are nourished, shedding is prevented, and inactive hair cells are stimulated to grow.



How Is Hair Mesotherapy Treatment Performed?

Hair mesotherapy starts with numbing the scalp, using local anesthetic cream. Then, a mixture, which contains vitamins, minerals, and the patientÔÇÖs own thrombocytes is injected into the scalp with a very fine needle.


What Are the Benefits of Hair Mesotherapy?

  • It slows and stops shedding by nourishing the hair follicles.
  • It creates stronger hair strands by stimulating the hair follicles.
  • It revitalizes the inactive hair follicles which can boost hair regrowth.
  • It promotes the growth of new hair.
  • It makes hair grow faster.
  • It gives shine and density to the hair.

Nourish your hair with hair mesotherapy and prevent all the problems you experience.


Is Hair Mesotherapy Painful?

Like every medical injection, hair mesotherapy can have some pain. However, local anesthetics are applied to ease the process for the patients and make the procedure as smooth as possible.


What Are Hair Mesotherapy Side Effects?

Mesotherapy practitioners claim that the hazards are minor if you go to a competent practitioner. However, there is a minor chance of facing some problems like swelling, itching, and pain. Your doctor may give you instructions to prevent such problems and overcome them if occurred.


Hair Mesotherapy vs PRP: Which One Should I Select?

PRP therapy and mesotherapy each have their own set of benefits based on the problem being treated. PRP has been extremely successful in keeping hair follicles in the growth phase, resulting in thicker and longer hair. Furthermore, it encourages the growth of new hair as well as the enhancement of existing hair follicles.

Mesotherapy, on the other hand, is used to cure hair loss caused by genetic factors, stress, diet, or chronic illness. Its goal is to improve the absorption of essential chemicals and compounds through the scalp for healthy hair health and growth. A series of treatments carried out over a few months can improve the results of mesotherapy.

Both methods are generally effective in the treatment of hair loss and less expensive than hair transplant surgery. They can also be combined to get even better outcomes. While PRP for hair is used immediately after hair transplant surgery to start the healing process, mesotherapy for hair loss can be used to keep the results of hair transplantation for a long period.


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