Refresh your skin with the power of Ozone Therapy!

The ozone therapy method, which is used in the treatment of many diseases, is especially used to increase body resistance. Ozone, which is also present in the atmosphere, has a feature that accelerates cell renewal. Therefore, in addition to strengthening your immune system, it acts as a shield for your body and protects you against infections.


How Does Ozone Therapy Affect Skin?

Ozone therapy, which has anti-aging properties, is also used to eliminate signs of aging. The Ozone Therapy method, which has a skin rejuvenation feature, prevents aging as it increases the oxygen carried to the tissues.



What Are the Benefits of Ozone Therapy?

  • It rejuvenates and renews the skin.
  • It treats cellulite.
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • It protects against infections.
  • It helps in tension problems.


Who Can’t Get Ozone Therapy?

  • Pregnant women,
  • High blood pressure patients
  • For those suffering from anemia,
  • Patients with coagulation problems,
  • For those with ozone allergy,
  • Those that have had a heart attack.

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