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Aquashine BTX (Youth Elixir) provides high satisfaction by combining the effects of classical mesotherapy, dermal filler, and botulinum toxin in a single application. Aquashine BTX offers three effects at the same time.

What is Aquashine BTX (Elixir of Youth)?

It creates a deep effect on the skin with hyaluronic acid that does not contain cross-links, 14 types of vitamins, 24 types of amino acids, eight types of minerals, peptides, and Co-enzyme A. Its rich formulation solves many skin problems, reduces wrinkles with the effect of mesobotox, moisturizes the skin, fills it, and provides a lifting effect.

What are the effects of Aquashine BTX (Elixir of Youth)?

Skin rejuvenation,

Wrinkle prevention,

Spot correction and collagen enhancement are some of the effects of unique biomimetic peptides.

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    How to apply Aquashine BTX?

    AquaShine is administered subcutaneously by injection. From the moment it is applied, the skin begins to revive. Particularly since the skin is moisturized, it becomes softer. With antioxidant and vitamin supplements, a much more vibrant-looking skin emerges.

    How many sessions of Aquashine BTX are applied?

    Even with a single session of supportive treatment, we can achieve the desired effect. However, 2 to 4 sessions can be applied on skin that is extremely tired and needs rejuvenation. This treatment has no side effects.

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