It’s time to say goodbye to oil, make-up residues and blackheads accumulated on your skin with Medical Skin Care!


Why Is Medical Skin Care Important?

Dead cells accumulate on your skin over time due to reasons such as dirt, oil, make-up residues. The purpose of medical skin care is to clean your skin deeply and get rid of the dead cells that have accumulated.


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What Are the Benefits of Medical Skin Care?

  • Your skin is deeply cleansed.
  • It is purified from dead cells.
  • Black dots are destroyed.
  • A bright and fresh appearance is obtained.


How Is Medical Skin Care Done?

  1. First, your skin type is determined by performing skin analysis and it is decided what your skin needs.
  2. In the second step, your skin is cleaned and purified from dead cells. By applying steam, the pores are opened. Black spots are removed with peeling.
  3. Finally, the mask is applied according to the needs of your skin.
  4. The skin care procedure is completed by applying sunscreen.


How Many Sessions Are Needed for Medical Skin Care?

The number of sessions your skin needs is determined during the examination. However, it is recommended to have skin care once a month.


What Is the Best Season for Medical Skin Care?

You can have skin care done at any time during the year. There are no restrictions for skin care.


Who Can Get Medical Skin Care?

It does not contain any chemical processes. Therefore, it is suitable for all male and female patients who want to purify their skin.


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