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Prevent the teeth clenching problem with a small touch! A Masseter Botox can help you solve this problem in a short session.

Clenching your teeth, especially at night, can cause problems with your sleeping routine, dental, and orthodontal health.

Its effect is not limited to this. It damages tooth enamel, causes headaches, affects the structure of the masseter muscle negatively. and disrupts facial symmetry. With a Masseter Botox (teeth grinding Botox), you can both prevent this problem and thin your face.

Who is a Masseter Botox (Dental Botox) Suitable for?

Are over 18 years old,

Are having teeth clenching or grinding problems,

Want to have a sharper facial line by clarifying the chin contour.

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    What Are the Benefits of Masseter Botox?

    Since there is no surgical procedure, there are no scars or incisions.

    The tooth clenching problem is solved.

    The chin and face contour is thinned.

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