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If you notice fine lines on your forehead and wrinkles around your nose every time you look in the mirror, it means it’s time to eliminate the signs of aging. At this point, what you need may be Facial Filler or Lip Filler.

What Are Temple Fillers?

Collagen and hyaluronic acid in the skin begin to decrease due to aging. This reduction causes the appearance of wrinkles and the formation of dry and dehydrated skin. Using hyaluronic acid in face fillers during the filling processes, the skin is revitalized and the lines that disturb the person are filled. Thus, wrinkles are eliminated; more voluminous, smooth skin is obtained.

What Are the Application Areas of Face Fillers?

Smile lines

Between eyebrows

Crow’s feet lines


Chin area

Under eyes

Lip edges

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    How Permanent Are Face Fillers?

    The effectiveness period varies according to the face fillers brand used. The permanence of filler applications is approximately 8-12 months.

    Does Face Fillers Application Hurt?

    Before starting the filling process, the area to be filled is anesthetized with an anesthetic cream.

    Redness may occur after the procedure, but it will disappear within the day.

    What Aftercare Considerations Are Necessary After Having a Face Filling?

    Hot showers should not be taken.

    Going to humid and hot places such as sauna should be avoided,

    Should sleep on back,

    Sports should be avoided for a few days.

    What Are Lip Fillers?

    Lips are a focal point in our face and the total lure of the face is strongly dependant on lips. However, lips sometimes do not satisfy us, and their shape and size would be a problem for us.

    How Are Lip Fillers Applied?

    During the lip filling procedure, local anesthesia is applied to prevent pain. Depending on the patient’s lip structure, the amount of lip filler to be used is determined. The process is completed in a short time like 5-10 minutes. Now you have the full lips of your dreams!

    Who Can Have Lip Fillers?

    Those who have complaints about their thin lips

    Those whose lips are not symmetrical

    Those who do not have voluminous lips

    Do Lip Fillers Have Side Effects?

    Swelling may occur immediately after the procedure, but these swellings disappear within 1-2 days.

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