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How is Dermatherapy Treatment Applied?

During the Dermatherapy Treatment process, micro-channels are opened on the skin surface with the help of a tool called dermaroller, which has fine needles on it. Thanks to these channels, special serums applied during the procedure easily reach the subcutaneous tissue. The treatment gives more effective results as the growth factors, vitamins, and minerals in the serum reach the skin quickly.

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    What Kind of Problems Are Solved by Dermatherapy Treatment?


    Hair loss,


    Fine wrinkles,

    Large pores,

    It is effective in sagging skin.

    Holes caused by acne,

    What Kind of Solutions Are Used in Dermatherapy Treatment?

    In dermatherapy treatment, special serums containing vitamins, minerals, and growth cells are used.

    Is Dermatherapy Treatment Painful?

    In order for you not to feel pain during the procedure, anesthetic cream is applied to the area beforehand.

    How Often Should Dermatherapy Treatment Be Applied?

    It is recommended to be applied in 3 sessions at approximately 1-month intervals.

    Does Dermatherapy Treatment Have Side Effects?

    Very slight bruising, redness or edema may occur on the skin. However, these side effects disappear within 1-2 days.

    When Does Dermatherapy Treatment Start to Show Its Effects?

    You can start to see the effects from the first session.

    Who Is Dermatherapy Treatment Not Suitable for?

    Pregnant or breastfeeding mothers,

    Patients under the age of 18,

    Patients with circulatory disorders.

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