The secret of sparkling eyes is using Under Eye Fillers! Thanks to the Hyaluronic Acid contained in the under-eye light filling, wrinkles and bruises are removed, and the hollow areas gain volume again.


What is in the Under Eye Fillers?

Hyaluronic acid is used in under eye fillers. This substance is also found in our bodies. It makes the skin look lively, smooth, and tight, but its production decreases due to aging. At this point, filling processes are needed, allowing the skin to regain its former shine.


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What Are the Benefits of Under Eye Fillers?

  • Wrinkles and bruises around the eyes are removed.
  • Under-eye bags are eliminated.
  • Brown circles under the eyes are treated.
  • By increasing the volume, a fuller and tighter appearance is obtained.
  • You can return to daily life immediately after the procedure.


Who Under Eye Fillers Are Suitable for?

It is applied to patients with bruises, wrinkles, bags, brown spots, and pits under the eyes. As the pits are filled during the procedure, the under eye looks more voluminous and healthy.


How Many Sessions of Under Eye Fillers Are Needed?

It is a one-session procedure. However, if deemed necessary by your doctor, a second session can also be applied.


Do Under Eyes Fillers Need Aftercare?

Because there is no particular aftercare guidance for under eye fillers, you should stick to the standard aftercare recommendations for face fillers.

Apply concealer beneath your eyes to hide any bruises while the region heals. However, for the first six hours following treatment, you should avoid wearing any eye make-up.


Are Under Eye Fillers Safe?

Like any other medical and aesthetic intervention, Under Eye Fillers need to be applied by an experienced and competent doctor. If Under Eye Fillers are applied by an expert medical team, and reliable brands of fillers and other medicines are used, they would be totally safe and without risks.


Are Under Eye Fillers Noticeable?

No! They are not! However, your doctor should calculate the amount of filler and application area before applying under eye fillers. It can guarantee natural-looking results that are not noticeable.


What Are the Side Effects of Under Eye Fillers?

Generally, Under Eye Fillers are not supposed to have side effects. However, for people with allergic reactions, these fillers can bring about some complications. This is prevented as in the professional clinics, having allergies is asked from patients prior to any operation.
Other than allergy several slight and temporary side effects such as:
ÔÇó redness
ÔÇó puffiness
ÔÇó small red dot at the injection site(s)
ÔÇó bruising
can be seen.


Is It Haram to Get Under Eye Fillers?

One of the frequently asked questions in Islamic societies about Under Eye Fillers is whether they are haram or halal. They are halal and there are no religious restrictions for applying them.


How long Do Under Eye Fillers Last?

The effect of under-eye filling, using Hyaluronic acid usually stays for 9 to 12 months.


Do Under Eye Fillers Hurt?

It is normal to experience an amount of discomfort during and after injecting under eye fillers. However, it is not known as a painful experience. Most of the patients report that it was a painless experience for them.

You can have an Under-Eye Filling to have healthy glowing, attractive eyes.


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