What Is Rosacea?

Rosacea occurs in the form of redness and red blisters in the face area such as the nose, chin, cheeks. In the future, fine capillaries become more prominent and rashes may occur.


What Are the Causes of Rosacea?

It is caused by reasons such as

  • Genetic,
  • Sun,
  • Irregular diet,
  • Alcohol consumption,
  • Stress.



What Should Be Considered for Rosacea?

  • Protection from sun rays,
  • Regular Checks,
  • Alcohol consumption should be avoided,
  • Caffeine and acidic beverages should be avoided.


What Procedures Are Performed During the Treatment of Rosacea?

There are different options available for the treatment of rosacea. To find out about these, you can perform an examination with our doctor.


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