There are three enzymes in PB Serum, collagenase, lipase, and hyaluronidase, whose properties are mentioned above.


What is PB Serum?

Active substances that makeup PB Serum are enzymes. Enzymes are part of the biological system of a healthy person. They can rebuild the body where needed and repair and rejuvenate it. In addition to this, enzymes are simply effective cellular catalysts responsible for controlling thousands of reactions in the cell.

PB Serum, on the other hand, is a drug of Spanish origin and is effective in enzyme treatment and many diseases.



What are the effects of PB Serum?

  • Burns and scars
  • Post-operative scars
  • Acne scars
  • Cellulite, orange peel appearance
  • ┬áRegional excess fat
  • Skin rejuvenation,
  • Skin tightening

These problems require different forms of Pbserum products. According to the development of the treatment, your doctor determines which form will be used in which session.


What are the types of Pbserum?

Three different types of PB Serum treatment are chosen according to the treatment condition. Although the content is the same in all products, there are three pbserum types, HIGH, MEDIUM, and LOW, according to the enzyme concentration they contain.


This form of collagenase enzyme, which contains a higher amount, is mostly used to treat various scars such as wounds, burns, and acne. It is also used to smooth the skin surface in the treatment of bands that create an orange peel-like depressed appearance on the skin in the treatment of cellulite.


Medium type is preferred when it is desired to reduce/reduce adipose tissue since it contains a higher amount of lipase enzyme.  It can achieve successful results either used on its own or in combination with other technologies that provide regional thinning in eliminating double chin, reducing excess fat in the arms, legs, and abdomen.

PB Serum LOW

All three enzymes are equally present in this type. PB Serum low, which is most preferred, especially in the treatment of under-eye bags, is also a product used to tighten and renew the skin in the sagging neck, laptop, and armpits.


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