Lean back in your chair and close your eyes. Imagine your hair is getting stronger and healthier now; IsnÔÇÖt it sweet? There is no pain and nothing is hurting you and you are enjoying the regrowth of hair on your scalp. If this seems attractive to you, the laser hair treatment is what you are looking for!


What Is Laser Hair Treatment?

Laser hair treatment, which is used to thicken hair, prevent hair loss, and support new hair growth, is a very comfortable and convenient procedure. Laser beams stimulate the hair follicles under the skin surface and accelerate blood circulation, so the hair gets more strength and thickness.



What Are the Benefits of Laser Hair Treatment?

  • You can return to daily life immediately after the treatment.
  • Thickens thinning hair.
  • Prevents hair loss.
  • Supports the development of hair follicles and revitalizes the hair.


Can Laser Treatment Be Performed After a Hair Transplant?

Laser hair treatment is recommended for people who have had a hair transplant operation. It ensures that the result of transplantation is more successful and helps the transplanted hair follicles burgeon.


Can Laser Treatment Be Combined with Other Treatments?

Depending on your hair structure, you can achieve more effective results by combining them with PRP and mesotherapy applications. Revived hair follicles will make your lifeless hair look glamorous again. To learn more about your options, donÔÇÖt forget to talk to your doctor.

If you want to try Laser Hair Treatment, you just need to contact us now!


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