Hydrafacial Skin Care cleans your skin with water, repairs and prevents against aging!

With age, there is loss of supporting facial tissue (subcutaneous fat pads) and bone structures, deterioration of collagen and elastic layers of the skin, and sagging under the influence of gravity. It’s a cruel irony of aging that we lose facial fat while we gain belly fat. Oil fills the skin and makes our faces look smooth and supple, so when you think of a young face, you probably imagine a “V”-shaped face with symmetrical contours. Because fat plays a major role in filling the skin and makes our face look smooth and supple.

What is Hydrafacial skin care?

The liquid facelift (Hydrafacial) is a procedure performed using injectable fillers to make facial features more dynamic and attractive. It is possible to reduce sagging skin, reshape dimpled or sagging facial features, and stretch the face by filling areas with volume loss. Minimally invasive, it is also less costly and risky than traditional surgical facelifts.



What are the advantages of Hydrafacial skin care?

Non-surgical procedures are in high demand today because they can be performed in a short time and do not affect daily life afterward. Here, substances lost by the skin are replaced, and a natural, healthy appearance is achieved. Layers of skin and subcutaneous tissues are replaced in the application. Anesthesia and surgery are not required for a liquid facelift, one of the newest facial rejuvenation treatments.  Subcutaneous fat pads and support tissue are reduced by injecting liquid substances into sagging areas.

With this new filling technique, cheeks, cheekbones, chin/chin lines, eyebrows, and drooping areas around the mouth can be lifted. Facial contours can be reshaped and defined. By replacing the lost volume, the substances are used to increase the texture quality and radiance of the skin while at the same time giving it a tightened appearance. As a result, people get a very natural, bright complexion, their moisture balance is restored, a lift is provided, and their sagging is eliminated.


How many sessions of Hydrafacial care are applied?

The application is made with very thin cannulas and needles in 15-20 minutes and pain is not felt since local anesthetic creams are used beforehand. Since there is usually no bruising or swelling,  it is possible to return to the daily routine after the application.


How long does the effect of Hydrafacial care last?

The products used are compatible with the skin’s natural structure, there are no side effects, and the effect lasts for 1.5 years. Reinforcements can be made when necessary.


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