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Excessive sweating can be a problem that turns your life into a nightmare. It causes people to lose their self-confidence by putting restrictions on their social interactions. However, there is a solution to the problem of excessive sweating. Thanks to Botox for Sweating treatment, you can get rid of this problem in 10 minutes!

Which Areas Is Botox for Sweating Applied to?



It is applied to areas where excessive sweating is experienced, such as the soles of the feet.

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    How Is Botox for Sweating Applied?

    Before the application, an anesthetic cream is applied to prevent feeling any pain. With the help of fine-tipped needles, Botox is applied to the area where excessive sweating is experienced. The purpose of Botox is to limit the connection of the sweat glands with the nerves in the area where it is applied. In this way, by activating the sweat glands, the problem of excessive sweating is prevented. The process takes approximately 10 minutes. Immediately after the application, the patient can return to his social life.

    When Does Botox for Sweating Start to Show Effects?

    The effects of the treatment begin to be noticed within 5-7 days.

    How Long Does the Effect of Botox for Sweating Last?

    The effect of Botox treatment, which is usually applied in a single session, lasts for 6-8 months.

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