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30,000 sit-ups in 30 minutes with Schwarzy!

The concept of holistic health revolves around physical activity. Our bodies and minds need movement to renew and develop. The benefits of regular sports and exercise range from volumetric growth of muscles to reducing muscle pain, strengthening bone health, and reducing the risk of a heart attack. However, when we look at it, we see that people who do sports and exercise to stay vigorous and have a fit body at any age struggle to maintain this. On the other hand, the number of people who complain about the fat or excess weight accumulated in certain parts of their body and who do not get the desired result despite regular exercise is quite high.

Schwarzy is the answer if you ask if there is a treatment protocol to prevent this!

What is Schwarzy?

Schwarzy is a special technology for fat burning, strength, and muscle building. The basic principle of the device is fat reduction through neuromuscular stimulation. Schwarzy stimulates and activates muscle tissues and provides fat burning, strength gain, or muscle building in the targeted area.

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    How many sessions of Schwarzy are applied?

    Offering an innovative solution to regional slimming, Schwarzy is applied in sessions and offers people the opportunity to have the body form they want. Schwarzy has a special technology that enables you to get faster results by triggering fat burning.

    Is Schwarzy effective?

    Schwarzy provides 35,000 sit-up effects in 30 minutes! The regional slimming that most people struggle with for weeks, months, and years becomes possible with Schwarzy.

    What are the Schwarzy advantages?

    Among the main features that distinguish the Schwarzy device from others is the functional magnetic stimulation field (TOP-FMS).

    FMS (Focused Magnetic Stimulation)

    Supramaximal Contractions for Deep Muscle Stimulation (2.5 tesla)

    Intense Lipolysis in fat cells damages the tissue

    Apoptosis following adipocyte injury results in a desirable reduction in fat.

    Muscle thickening due to the stress of fast nerve and fiber surrounding fat contractions.

    Who is eligible for Schwarzy?

    Schwarzy is an extremely painless and comfortable application. As a result, it provides effective results quickly, even for people with low pain thresholds. Schwarzy can operate in three different modes:

    Fat Reduction – Aerobics:

    It is the ideal starting mode for people who cannot spare enough time for exercise. Stimulation of he fat is aimed and it is generally preferred in the first sessions.


    Muscle triggering mode is used for people who do sports but cannot have the body they aim for. It accelerates muscle development.


    This mode strengthens the muscles in people who have started fat-burning and muscle development. At the same time, the direct power mode can be selected for people who do not get results despite intense sports.

    Who is not eligible for Schwarzy?

    Schwarzy is a highly secure application, but it is not recommended for some people as with other medical devices. Schwarzy applications cannot be performed in the following individuals:

    Pregnant and nursing mothers,

    Those who wear a pacemaker,

    Persons with open wounds or infections in the application area,

    People with severe varicose veins.

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