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You’re tired of seeing your hair thinning every time you look in the mirror and noticing that your balding areas are expanding throughout the day, aren’t you? After a while, baldness may begin to affect not only your physical appearance but also your psychology. It can make you feel older than you are and lose your self-confidence. But don’t despair! We have a revolutionary solution to the problem of baldness; Regenera Activa!

How to Apply Regenera Activa?

First of all, the area where the procedure will be performed is disinfected and local anesthesia is applied. Tissue samples and hair follicles are taken from this area with the help of punch biopsy. Generally, the nape area, where the hair follicles are stronger, is preferred. The collected hair follicles are placed into the device. The processed hair follicles are specially transformed into a suspension and injected into the patient’s scalp with the help of a syringe.

Is Regenera Activa permanent?

It combats hair loss by using one’s own hair cells. Since non-shedding hair tissues are used in the treatment, permanent results are achieved.

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    Is Regenera Activa permanent?

    It is not an alternative to hair transplantation; It is a supporting method. It is recommended to be applied after hair transplantation operation. It allows the transplanted hair to grow faster and accelerates the healing process.

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