Are you tired of noticing your spreading balding area and seeing your thinning hair every day in the mirror? Not only does baldness affect your appearance and physic but also it makes deep harm to your soul and psychological stability. It can make you feel you are older and cause damage to your self-confidence.

Do not let it grow on you! You are not sentenced to depression and loss of self-esteem. Science has always shown its wanders and solved serious problems. Regenera Activa, an innovative technology to stop hair loss and gain back your lost hair.


How Does Regenera Activa Work?

First, the area where the procedure will be performed is disinfected and local anesthesia is applied. Tissue samples and hair follicles are taken from this area with the help of a punch biopsy. Generally, the nape area where the hair follicles are stronger is preferred. The hair follicles taken are placed inside the device. The treated hair follicles are specially converted into a suspension and injected into the patient’s scalp, using a syringe.


Is Regenera Activa Permanent?

It fights hair loss by using the patient’s own hair cells. Permanent results are obtained because non-shedding hair tissues are used in the treatment.



Regenera Activa vs PRP Hair Treatment: Which One Is Better?

PRP hair treatment and Regenera Activa are both popular and pretty effective. However, as in PRP, the autologous cells are not engaged, it cannot deliver the results Regenera Activa delivers.


Is Regenera Activa an Alternative to Hair Transplantation?

It is not an alternative to hair transplantation; It is a supportive method. It is recommended to be applied after the hair transplant operation. It allows the transplanted hair to grow faster and accelerates the healing process.

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