Body mesotherapy is used for regional slimming and getting rid of regional fats. It is aimed to reduce fat cells by applying mesotherapy to areas with regional fat deposits.


Which Areas is Body Mesotherapy Applied to?

It is applied to

  • Abdomen,
  • Arm,
  • Leg,
  • Basin,
  • Back areas.


What Are the Benefits of Body Mesotherapy?

  • Regional fats disappear,
  • Blood circulation is regulated.
  • It is painless as it is applied with fine-tipped needles.


Is Body Mesotherapy a Painful Treatment?

Since body mesotherapy is applied with fine-tipped needles, the feeling of pain is low.


What Are the Side Effects of Body Mesotherapy?

Immediately after the procedure, redness may occur in the treated areas. However, this redness is temporary.


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