Genetic factors, stressful days, hormonal drugs, or rapidly advancing timeÔÇŽ All of them are actually the cause of the scars and spots on your face. Every time you look in the mirror, you may feel bad because of these marks and thought about ways to get rid of them. Fractional Laser promises to save you from all these scars and to have a resurfaced skin.

What Is Fractional Laser?

Fractional Laser, also known as Carbon Dioxide Laser, is a treatment that makes getting rid of spots such as acne scars, sun combating wrinkles, blemishes, and stretch cracks. Fractional laser is one of the most commonly used skin rejuvenation methods.


How Does Fractional Laser Work?

Fractional laser, which is effective in the lower and upper layers of the skin, works by targeting the epidermis and dermis. It sends laser beams, which are divided into thousands of tiny columns which are also deep. Tiny laser beams renew the cells in the areas where they are sent in the lower skin and trigger the formation of collagen. On the upper skin, it removes acne, blemish scars and ensures the disappearance of unwanted scars.

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Where Is CO2 Laser Applied to?

CO2 Laser treatment is a non-surgical skin treatment that can be used for:

  • Skin resurfacing
  • Treatment of acne and acne scars
  • Tightening the skin that has lost its elasticity
  • Treatment of cracks in the body
  • Removal of scars
  • Removal of surgical and suture scars

Generally, fractional laser treatment for the face is the most popular application area.


How Many Sessions Are Needed for Fractional Laser Treatment?

Carbon Dioxide Laser is a treatment applied in several sessions. The number of sessions to be applied is determined during the examination depending on the needs of the patient.

How Much Does Fractional Laser Treatment Cost?

Fractional Laser Treatment needs several sessions to get the best results. As the number of these sessions and the application area, thus each session’s length may vary from a person to another, the total cost of the procedure would be individual.


Will There Be Any Scars After the Carbon Dioxide Laser Application?

Immediately after the procedure, there is a slight burning sensation that lasts for 1-2 hours. This feeling can be alleviated with special cold masks to be applied.

After the application, a very slight redness, peeling and crusting may occur on the skin, which is not permanent and will pass in 4-5 days depending on the person’s structure.

Does Fractional Laser Treatment Need Special Aftercare?

Fractional Laser Treatment is a non-invasive procedure and does not need a recovery period. However, like any other laser intervention, to get the best results, you might need to follow instructions given by your doctor.

Generally, the given instructions are individual for patients, which is based on their application area. The following list is an example of given instructions to a patient after a CO2 Laser treatment:

  • Patients should take their prescribed ointment, Aquaphor or Vaseline, for the first two days and then transition to nights only for the third and fourth days.
  • After the fifth post-procedure day, a gentle skin moisturizer can be utilized.
  • After the fourth day, patients should continue to apply a light moisturizer day and night.
  • When you can resume your normal skincare routine and use active substances, your doctor/technician will advise you (usually 14 days).


Do Fractional Lasers Affect Previously Injected Botox?

Lasers do not affect Botox or fillers that are already in the skin layers. This might vary according to the patient’s situation and the operator of the laser.

Is Fractional Laser Treatment Painful?

Not at all. Recent technologies have made it possible to have a pain-free experience of a fractional laser session. However, topical anesthetic cream is usually applied and some laser devices come with cooling technology, easing the possible burning feel.

Is Fractional Laser Treatment Permanent?

Fractional Laser has immediate results, however, its effect might be permanent for a year or two and new sessions might be needed after several years to keep its effect.

Is Fractional Laser Treatment Safe During Pregnancy?

Generally, laser treatments have been proven to be safe during pregnancy. However, it is recommended to wait for several months and avoid any kind of risks during pregnancy.


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