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Moles are formed as a result of an increase in pigment cells in the body and are mostly harmless. They can be of different colors from tan to brown. Over time, they may change in size, or moles that did not exist before may form on the body.

What Is Moles (Nevus) Treatment?

There may be moles that disturb the person aesthetically. In this case, moles can be treated with methods such as laser therapy. You can decide on this after the examination you will carry out with your doctor, and then you can proceed to the treatment phase.

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    Are Moles (Nevus) Cancerous?

    Moles rarely carry a cancer risk. But it is always important to make an early diagnosis.

    A: Asymmetry: One side of the mole does not look like the other,

    B: Border: Its borders are indented,

    C: Color: Combining two different colors,

    D: Diameter: It is recommended that patients consult a doctor if the diameter is greater than 6 mm.

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