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Q-Switch laser technology saves you from your spots permanently! he Q-Switch laser shoots on the spots that bother you. It does not cause any damage to the healthy tissues around the spots and the tissue cells are not affected.

What Kind of Spots Can Be Removed by Q-Switch Laser?

Purifies the skin from dead skin

Acne scars,

The birthmark

Age spots,

Spots on Which Areas Can Be Removed by Q-Switch Laser?





Décolleté areas.

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    What Is the Aftercare of Q-Switch Laser Treatment?

    The skin should be protected from the sun’s rays as much as possible. Sunscreen should be used after the procedure.

    How Many Sessions Are Required for Q-Switch Laser for Spot Removal?

    In total, 6-10 sessions are sufficient. However, it should be noted that the duration of the session will vary from patient to patient.

    Does Spot Removal by Q-Switch Laser Hurt?

    In order to minimize the feeling of pain, anesthetic cream is applied before the procedure and the area is anesthetized. After the numbing cream is applied, it is waited for about 30 minutes and then the process begins.

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