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Non-surgical eyelid aesthetics is now possible with Plexr (Plasma Technology)!

What is Plexr therapy?

Plexr acts by converting the gaseous nitrogen and water vapor in the environment where it is applied into plasma with high energy. An ion cloud is formed through interaction that affects the skin’s surface and promotes rapid regeneration.

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    Where is Plexr therapy applied?

    Plexr treatment is widely used in procedures such as mole removal, removal of warts and freckles, non-surgical eyelid aesthetics, removal of oil glands on the eyelid, rejuvenation around the eyes, removal of fine wrinkles, cracks, and blemishes, removal of scars and acne scars.

    How is Plexr treatment applied?

    Before the application, the area is disinfected and anesthetized with local anesthetic cream for about 15-20 minutes. Then, the procedure is performed by a specialist doctor in a hygienic environment. The procedure time can vary between 5-30 minutes. It is expected that crusting will occur in the area within 3-7 days after the procedure It is necessary not to peel the shells but to wait for them to fall off on their own. Afterwards, there will be a slight pinking in the tissue. In a few weeks, the skin will return to its color. Depending on the size of the area to be treated, the number of sessions may be one or more. Session intervals are at least 15 days.

    What should be considered after Plexr treatment?

    Moisturizer should not be applied to the area after the application.

    Very hot and very cold environments should be avoided.

    Alcohol-based cleaners should be avoided. Baby soap or shampoo can be used. Baby soap or shampoo can be used.

    Liquid foundation with sun protection factor can be used.

    Antibiotic or steroid pomade types can be used to show a faster recovery at the end of the operation.

    Is Plexr a reliable method?

    This CE-certified application has been widely used in Europe for 15 years. It is an alternative to many aesthetic surgery procedures.

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