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Fox Eyes (Cat Eyes) Lift

Attractive and prominent eyes are one of the most popular beauty trends of recent years. Do you remember how it became popular? It has been discovered that the Fox Eyes application, which we see especially on supermodels such as Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid, gives a striking and attractive expression to the face by highlighting the eyes. You may have tried to capture this expression, sometimes with Instagram effects and sometimes by trying different make-up techniques. But the result will never be what you imagined because the secret is hidden in the Cat Eyes (Almond Eye) process.

What Is Fox Eyes Lift?

To have almond-shaped eyes, it is a slight upward pulling of the eyebrow with the help of French threads. This process adds a special impression to the eyes and creates a more attractive appearance. It is also known as Bella Eyes or Cat Eyes.

How Is Fox Eyes Done?

Before the procedure, local anesthesia is applied to the application areas. Since local anesthesia is applied, no pain is felt during the procedure. In the next step, the eyebrows are stretched upwards with French threads. The threads are not visible from outside, so no one will recognize that you have had an operation. The procedure takes approximately 30-40 minutes. After the application, you can easily return to your daily life.

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    Is The Cat Eyes Lift Harmful or Dangerous?

    French threads are used in Bella Eyes aesthetics. Since these threads are made of silicone on the outside and polyester inside, there is no harm and risk if done by an experienced and competent doctor.

    Are Fox Eye Lifts Permanent?

    Cat Eyes lifts can last for 1.5-2 years.

    Who Is Suitable for a Cat eyes (Almond Eye) Lift?

    Those who want to have attractive looks without surgery

    Those with a complaint of droopy eyebrows

    People over the age of 18

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