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Are you ready to have glowing skin? Get a bright and lively look with professional skin care.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Skin Care?

It is cleared of black spots,

It is cleared of black spots,

Pores are tightened,

Dead cells are cleared.

It prevents acne and pimple problems,

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    What Are the Stages of Professional Skin Care?

    First of all, a skin analysis is performed and it is determined what kind of support your skin needs.

    Cildiniz temizlenerek makyaj, yağ, ve kir kalıntıları giderilir.

    Peeling is applied.

    By taking a steam bath, the pores are opened.

    The procedure to be performed is decided according to the skin’s needs.

    Professional skin care is completed by using sunscreen.

    What Is Unique to Professional Skin Care?

    In professional skin care, some tools are used that are determined according to your skin type and needs. For example, applications such as steam therapy, peeling, vitamin and mineral support, and hydrafical support are provided to your skin.

    Who Is Not Suitable for Professional Skin Care?

    It is not suitable for patients with skin diseases or who use heavy drugs for skin treatment.

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