Get defined lines and an attractive face with the help of Jawline Fillers!


What Are the Advantages of Using Jawline Fillers?

  • It defines the jawline without the need for surgery.
  • It sharpens round facial features.
  • It provides a symmetrical jaw structure.
  • Creates harmony between lips and chin.
  • It ensures that the chin tip is prominent and proportional.
  • If the patient is not happy with the result, the procedure can be reversed.
  • Since local anesthesia is applied, pain is not felt.


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Who Can Have a Jawline Fill?

Jawline Fillers can be used for people who:

  • Are complaining about the rounded facial features,
  • Want to have a more attractive face,
  • Want to get a “V” shaped face by collecting the skin hanging from the cheeks,
  • Those who want to have an attractive facial line
  • People who do not plan to have surgery.


Can Men Get Jawline Fillers?

Of course yes! Jawline Filling, which is among the aesthetic trends of recent years, also makes men’s jawlines clear. It allows them to have a more masculine and attractive jawline.


How Long Does Jawline Fillers Application Take?

Jawline Fillers application takes approximately 30 minutes. The patient can return to their daily life immediately after the procedure, but there are some points to be careful about.


Is the Effect of Jawline Fillers Permanent?

Jawline fillers are effective for approximately 1.5-2 years.


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