Sensitivity to light and sound, severe pain, nausea, vomiting, etc. Unfortunately, all these symptoms are among the situations that those who experience migraine attacks are well aware of and have to cope with. The cause of migraine, which brings a person’s daily life to a standstill, is not known exactly. However, migraine treatment with botox can be controlled and the patient’s quality of life can be increased again.


How Is Botox for Migraine Applied?

With the help of fine needles, a substance called Botulinum toxin is administered to the patient. The purpose of this substance is to prevent migraine attacks by blocking nerves and muscles. The process takes approximately 15-20 minutes.


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Who Can Be Treated by Botox for Migraine?

  • Who do not want to use drugs for headaches,
  • Who is not suitable for drug use,
  • Is over 18 years old,
  • With migraine and headache complaints.


Which Areas Are Treated with Botox for Migraine?

It can be injected into:

  • Forehead,
  • Behind the Temple,
  • Neck,
  • The Trapezius areas.


When Does Botox for Migraine Show Its Effects?

It takes approximately 5-7 days to show the effect of Botox. Then the frequency and severity of migraine attacks begin to decrease.


How Many Sessions Are Needed for Migraine Treatment with Botox?

It is a single-session procedure and its effect lasts between 3-6 months. It is recommended to do it again when the pain starts to recur after the sixth month.


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