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Dr Erol Bulut

Erol Bulut, who was originally born in Trabzon, graduated from primary and secondary education in Trabzon with the top honors and then came to Istanbul and continued his education at the science high school. After his high school education, he entered the Istanbul Faculty of Medicine and after completing his medical education there, he studied Public Health and Preventive Medicine in the same faculty and Occupational Health in the USA. He conducted research in the fields of environmental health and health policies, and worked as an occupational physician. Dr. Erol Bulut, who left the university in 2000 after 4 years of academic studies, served in the emergency and traumatology department of a private hospital for a while. He also worked as a manager at various levels in the private health sector. During this period, he became interested in non-surgical cosmetic and aesthetic applications, and in 2005, he participated in the Medical Aesthetic Application certification program of the Ministry of Health and successfully completed it. Then, as a result of numerous workshops, congresses, research and training, it started to provide services in this field. Dr. Erol Bulut also holds the Ministry of Health Mesotherapy Application Certificate and Ozone Therapies Application certificates. Dr. Erol Bulut, who has been continuing his medical aesthetics and cosmetics studies since 2005, has been serving in his own clinic in Bakırköy, Istanbul, as of 2020. Mesotherapy, botox, filler, PRP, skin renewal, medical skin care, chemical peeling, laser treatments, acne and spot treatments, hifu, rf microneedle, plasma treatments, thread suspension methods are the main applications. Reducing sagging and looseness on the face, wrinkles, making the skin look smoother. It makes applications to make it moist, shiny and healthy. In addition, in order to give the face an aesthetic appearance, shaping the areas with volume loss with fillers and eliminating the loss of volume and volume of the lips are the areas of study.


Istanbul Faculty of Medicine

Job experience

1.1997-2000 Istanbul faculty of medicine, Department of Public Health, USA. I worked as a research assistant.

2. Between 2002 and 2012, I worked as an emergency physician, ambulance physician, external relations and promotion manager, and aesthetic center manager in a private hospital.

3. Between 2015 and 2020, I worked as an active manager in a private aesthetic center and carried out aesthetic procedures.

4.I have been dealing with medical aesthetics in my own practice in Bakırköy since 2021. At the same time, I perform medical aesthetic procedures part-time in a private clinic.


1.medical aesthetic application

2. mesotherapy application

3. ozone application

4.occupational medicine
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