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3 January 2023

Cold Lipolysis is a method that reduces unwanted fat accumulation in various parts of the body. It is possible for people who have regional fat problems to support the fat loss process with the effect of Cold Lipolysis.

This application is based on the principle of cooling the fat layer under the skin to a certain degree, down to -5 degrees, without damaging the surrounding tissues. Fat cells are programmed when exposed to cold
Cell death occurs and fat cell functions shrink. Dead fat cells are removed from the body through the body’s natural circulatory system. The vibrating vacuum feature in the system increases the positive effect on lymphatic drainage and metabolism.

Abdomen, belly, hips, waist and side areas, inner legs, upper arms, back, male chest area are among the usage areas of the device. Ability to use 2 applicators simultaneously, adjustable between -5°C and -10°C
Being able to choose the temperature range and treatment duration provides a significant advantage when preparing a personalized slimming protocol.
The area to be applied is determined by the esthetician. Then, a wet protective pad with moisturizing properties specific to the device is placed on the skin in the area to be treated. This head is applied to the pad and the device is operated. The application area is pulled inward by the chamber of the device head with a slight vacuum and cooled.

It can be applied to all age groups, men and women, and skin types in all seasons, except pregnant women, breastfeeding women, those who carry platinum in their body, diabetes, heart, kidney and liver patients. Although it depends on the application area and the width of the area, one session per month is sufficient. Although it depends on the application area and the width of the area, one session per month is sufficient. It is possible to treat several different areas on the same day. The patient should not use phones, magazines, etc. during the procedure. It is a comfortable application that you can engage in.

It is important to consume plenty of water and follow a healthy nutrition program on the day of the procedure. One session per month is recommended for the same area. It is an application that people who have regional fat problems can prefer by combining it with a healthy nutrition program. You can visit our clinic to apply this treatment at our headquarters, Cinik Polyclinic.

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