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What is the Ketogenic Diet? How is it Applied?

Meta Des: The ketogenic diet is a popular eating plan that is high in fat, low in carbohydrates and
moderate in protein. Details at Cinik Polyclinic.

The ketogenic diet has become a very popular diet in recent years. However,
it was originally a diet to support the treatment of certain
diseases. As a result of some medical studies, it has been seen that this diet
helps weight loss as well as benefits against some diseases and health problems such as
Alzheimer’s, diabetes and cancer, primarily epilepsy.

However, the ketogenic diet should never be applied continuously for a long time. Otherwise,
important health problems may arise. The decision to start and maintain a ketogenic diet
must be taken together with a dietician. This diet is usually applied
for no more than 2-3 weeks.

The basis of this diet is quite different from other diets. It is a diet with low carbohydrate content,
medium protein content and high fat content. When carbohydrates enter the body,
we can explain this reduction by a metabolic result called ketosis. In a state of ketosis,
the body becomes much more efficient at burning fat for energy
and the body starts to meet its energy needs from fats instead of carbohydrates.

The ketogenic diet is a highly banned diet that is difficult to follow. People who follow this diet
should be kept under constant follow-up.

What are the Types of Ketogenic Diet?

There are different types of ketogenic diet. The most well-known ones are Standard
Standard Ketogenic Diet (SKD), High Protein Ketogenic Diet,
Cyclic Ketogenic Diet (CKD), and Targeted Ketogenic Diet.

(HKD) Cyclical or targeted ketogenic diets are more advanced
methods and are mainly practiced by athletes and are not recommended by medical professionals
without the support of a professional dietitian. The most researched and studied
type is the standard ketogenic diet.

The standard ketogenic diet is based on a very low carbohydrate,
moderate protein and high fat diet. The diet is generally 75% fat, 20%
protein and only 5% carbohydrate.

The high-protein ketogenic diet is similar to the standard
ketogenic diet, but with more protein. This diet usually contains
60% fat, 35% protein and 5% carbohydrates.

What are the Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet?

This diet is known to have emerged as a tool for the treatment of neurological diseases such as
epilepsy. Research on this subject has revealed that the ketogenic diet can cause a significant reduction in seizures in epileptic children.
In addition, several studies have been conducted that have shown that this diet can provide many health
benefits, especially in metabolic, neurological or insulin-related diseases.
When practiced in the right way, the ketogenic diet provides healthy weight loss without counting calories.

The ketogenic diet can improve risk factors for heart disease,
such as HDL cholesterol levels, blood pressure and blood sugar. The keto diet has been observed to reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease,
eliminating the risk of progression.

What are the Side Effects of the Ketogenic Diet?

The ketogenic diet is not a completely harmless diet that is suitable for everyone. It has emerged especially for medical treatments and
may have side effects. The diet, which should be applied especially with a dietician, may cause
some problems if applied for a long time. For this reason,
it is not recommended for a long time. Side effects of the ketogenic diet include feeling unenergized,
tired and weak, slowing down mental functions, feeling hungry, various sleep problems
and the need to sleep constantly,
nausea, digestive disorders and decreased performance during exercise. To minimize side effects, it is possible to gradually reduce carbohydrates
from the diet before starting this diet. Urine or breath odor may
occur while following this diet. This is due to the wastes that the body
produces during ketosis. For more detailed information, you can get support from Cinik Polyclinic experts.

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